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Thread: Curbstone Install Technique

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    Default Curbstone Install Technique

    I'm curious what everyone's technique is for installing curbstone against pavers. Mortared....dry...height of reveal...use edge restraint....etc???

    I've done them a couple different ways, but never settled on a standard technique.

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    We've only installed edging against pavers twice. Both times the pavers had been installed for a while. Once was EP Henry edgestone. We removed the existing edge restraint, dug a trench deep enough for a 4" reveal (determined in concert with the customer) , added about 1-2" of EP Henry Propak in the bottom, set the edgestone and leveled, added an inch or 2 additional propak behind, then backfilled. 2 or 3 days later couldn't budge the edgstone. Second scenario was Techpo Pietra edging (EP Henry job, but customer wanted lower edge restraint). Same scenario as above except adjusted trench depth for the lower height of the Pietra. Third time was at our residence where we edged our beds with EP Henry Curbstone. These obviously were not up against pavers. Rented bed edger to do the trenching (175' +/-) then followed the same procedure with the propak. On these we left a 6" exposure (that's what the boss found most appealing) and it went well with the scale of our house, etc.

    Hope this helps, but we've had limited opportunities to install.


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